Living Life with Open Hands

pexels-photo-460295.jpegThanks for joining me on my blog adventure.  Here’s the deal, I’m responding to a call.  God has led me through a life of misadventures.  Some of them have been irresistibly sweet, many of them have been undoubtedly ordained by Him, unquestionably divine, unequivocally holy.   All of them have been wild.  I’m not where I thought I’d be or who I thought I’d be in life.  But I have learned that the best kind of life is lived with hands open to the One who defines abundance and happiness, Jesus.  That’s the only path to true joy.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

As a Bible study teacher in Northern, Virginia, I began to share the stories of my life and my students found meaning  for their own lives through my sharing.  What I mean is, they could see Jesus moving through my days and years and it helped them find Jesus in their own moments. I dearly loved teaching and dearly loved my students, but God said it was time for my family to embrace a new adventure.  So He drove our crumb-laden minivan to Texas.  To a softer life, one with a smaller geographical radius.

A few sweet friends said I should blog.  I thought, really?  Maybe that’s just a nice thing to say.  Does the world need another Christian mom blog?  Well we shall see, won’t we?  God led me to a group of writers on Daughters of the and I’ve been happy to contribute there.  You can find those posts on this site too.  But this year it’s time to launch a space for more personal reflection. God puts these thoughts in my head and matches them with emotions that bubble up from my heart and I put them here.  And if He uses this synthesis to help just one of you…well, I guess the we needed another blog, didn’t we.

I love you.  I love that you’re struggling and trying hard to make a good life for your people.  I love that you’re learning to treat yourself with as much grace and love that you pour out.  I love that you’re being challenged to grow up and step up.  I am too.  I can’t wait to share life with you…with open hands.


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